Articles Informer Released with New Look

Last month

Dear Users, We are proud to introduce yet another Informer project with a new improved design you are welcome to try out – Articles Informer. Working together with all the Informer clients, Articles Informer is dedicated to covering the most important technology news and developments with... More

Software Informer 1.3 Has Been Released!

8 months ago

Dear Users! After some extensive testing and tweaking, we are now ready to announce the public release of Software Informer 1.3. The new version has a much more streamlined interface, with cleaner looks and prominent interface elements. It is by no means simplified: all the features from the... More

Take part in testing the new Software Informer

8 months ago

We're excited to announce that we're putting finishing touches on a brand-new version of our Software Informer application. It's not quite ready for prime time yet, but you can test it right now and see what the future holds. The new version has been written from ground up - it looks different, it... More

Software Informer Spotlight Page

Last year

Dear Users! We are happy to inform you that our Software Informer client application has finally got its own spotlight page. This landing page is designed to help new users get familiar with the whole concept of Software Informer and jump into action right away. While the page may not seem like... More

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Last year

Dear Users!  This year has been very eventful for Software Informer and its sister projects. Our community has enjoyed a steady growth getting more new features and whole projects to play with. We've seen great design changes geared towards better usability and are still trying to cope with the... More

Android Informer 2.3 Released!

Last year

Dear users, We are happy to announce that version 2.3 of the Android Informer client has been finally released after months of long wait! If you're one of those who still haven't got it on their Android devices, then it's high time you did it on at, Google Play or using the... More

Android Informer v.2.0 Released!

2 years ago

Dear users, We are proud to announce that version 2.0 of the Android Informer client has been finally released! If you're still not having it on your Android devices, you can easily get it on at and on Google Play or, alternatively, you can use the QR code at the end of this... More

Android Informer Released!

2 years ago

Dear users, Now you can expand you Informer experience to Android! Informer Technologies, Inc. is happy to announce that the early beta version of Android Informer, our official client for the Android devices, has been officially launched! It's available for download at... More

Google+ reopened

2 years ago

Dear Software Informer users, today we have another chance to invite you to our Google+ page. We regret to say that we were forced to quit last time, as the website's former policy contradicted our purposes. Now that the social network became open to businesses, we are glad to inform you that we... More

The Recommendations Tab

2 years ago

Dear Software Informer Users, we are working hard to bring you new and exciting features that will help you in finding the software you are looking for. Without further ado, we are presenting a new tab on your personal profiles - “Recommendations”. The tab will reveal a list of programs that could... More