Software Informer 1.3 Has Been Released!

3 months ago

Dear Users! After some extensive testing and tweaking, we are now ready to announce the public release of Software Informer 1.3. The new version has a much more streamlined interface, with cleaner looks and prominent interface elements. It is by no means simplified: all the features from the... More

Take part in testing the new Software Informer

4 months ago

We're excited to announce that we're putting finishing touches on a brand-new version of our Software Informer application. It's not quite ready for prime time yet, but you can test it right now and see what the future holds. The new version has been written from ground up - it looks different, it... More

Software Informer Spotlight Page

Last year

Dear Users! We are happy to inform you that our Software Informer client application has finally got its own spotlight page. This landing page is designed to help new users get familiar with the whole concept of Software Informer and jump into action right away. While the page may not seem like... More

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Last year

Dear Users!  This year has been very eventful for Software Informer and its sister projects. Our community has enjoyed a steady growth getting more new features and whole projects to play with. We've seen great design changes geared towards better usability and are still trying to cope with the... More

The Weekly Digest: November 24 — November 30

Last year

Keath WyszynskiIt's been 19 days since Chrome 23 was released and the Do Not Track support was finally implemented in Google's browser. Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari have supported it for what feels like ages in the galloping world of the web browsers competition. Why did Google hesitate so long?... More

The Weekly Digest: November 17 — November 23

Last year

Hi everyone!The weekly digest is back and we're dying to tell you about all the great articles we have published this week. Just as usual, we covered a very wide topic range: from nano-robots in your body to online eductaion to job seeking on Facebook. So, off it goes!Haley James delivered you... More

Android Informer 2.3 Released!

Last year

Dear users, We are happy to announce that version 2.3 of the Android Informer client has been finally released after months of long wait! If you're one of those who still haven't got it on their Android devices, then it's high time you did it on at, Google Play or using the... More

The Weekly Digest: November 3 — November 9

Last year

Hi everyone! This week was rich with cutting-edge technology news. Apps you could use in a natural disaster, Microsoft Kinect as a 3D scanner and Li-Fi superseding Wi-Fi: that's just an incomplete list of topics we have discussed this week. Nova Vozrak has presented two articles. On Tuesday she... More

The Weekly Digest: October 27 — November 2

Last year

Hi everyone! This week was colored in the colors of Halloween. So we've focused upon the hottest news in tech industry and the topics were as different as kids costumes on Halloween. In the beginning of the week, we've unveiled 5 tricks to make Windows 8 more usable. We hope you did not only... More

The Weekly Digest: October 20 — October 26

Last year

Hi everyone! This week was rich with events coming beyond the buzz around the two new iPads. Here is the selection of articles we have presented to you: the new YouTube design, spy cameras, and Robocop prototype launched in Boston. First, Keath Wyszynski laid his hands on the new YouTube... More