Missing avatars

12 years ago

Dear Users! Due to a momentary server malfunction, some of you may find their avatars replaced with the default gray image. If you discover that your profile image is missing, please re-upload it in your profile's settings...

Drivers Informer

13 years ago

Dear Users! There's yet another new project for you to check out and take part in. It works in pair with siClient and it's called Drivers Informer ( - a site where descriptions of various drivers are to be hosted, along with your comments and questions...

Join in

13 years ago

Dear Users! Finally, Software Informer is joining most popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We will try to deliver you the best and most interesting information. Be with us, be updated!

Wiki is everywhere

13 years ago

Dear Users! Our library of software titles has finally got itself a full-fledged encyclopedia. You have probably noticed that each software entry has got a "Wiki" tab, in addition to all those awards, reviews, comments, and votes. In this tab, you can see wiki...

Happy St. Patrick's

13 years ago

Dear Users! St. Patrick's Day is here, and it's time to go green! On this joyous day, reach out to your family and friends. We wish you all lots of happiness, love, and four-leaved luck with any software you may happen...

Today's highlight

13 years ago

Dear Users! We are happy to announce  that we have launched a new feature - Today's highlight block on the right-hand side. We decided to implement it for your convenience, so you can see what is recommended by our editors. You can check it out yourself right...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

13 years ago

Dear Users! Hearing the chorus of holiday greetings and the general jolliness that has taken over minds of people all around the world, we'd like to join in and say: Merry Christmas to you all! And a Happy New Year to you, too! May the new year turn up with some great new programs for us all...

Put your hands together for our first guru!

13 years ago

Dear Users! Today, we are making an announcement on a very special occasion: Software Informer has finally got its own guru! Joan, one of our users, has helped many other people, taking an active part in discussing various programs and software-related aspects...

Proxy connections

13 years ago

Dear Users! We are happy to announce that our siClient program can now be set to use a proxy server for its connections. Just enter the "Options -> Settings" menu and you will see a brand new "Proxy" tab, wherein you can specify the intended proxy server's IP address and port...


13 years ago

Dear Users! You can now hold real-time conversations with any other registered user at Software Informer. Just enter the desired user's profile and press the "Send message" link to activate a private chat window with that user, similar to the interface found in most instant messaging...