Download the new Software Informer Client v1.1 now!

8 years ago

Dear Software Informer Users, great news from the Informer Technologies, Inc., the creators of Software Informer client. A new client version 1.1 has just recently been released. The developers were working very hard to iron out bugs and bring in more interesting features. As a result...

Editorial articles

9 years ago

Dear Users! To mark the passing of another great year we've spent together, and, more importantly, to celebrate the arrival of another one, we're introducing a new feature on our website - editorial articles. These articles, written by members of our staff on a more or less regular basis...

Even more authorization options

9 years ago

Dear Users! We are delighted to inform you that in addition to using your Facebook account to log in to our site, you can now also use your Yahoo! and Google accounts. Just click the respective button on the log in page and welcome to our site!

Possible wrong content

9 years ago

Dear Users! We have to inform you that our web site has undergone an hour-long hacking attack. For this reason, we strongly recommend that all the users who have recently logged in to our web site and downloaded any content from our web site use an antivirus tool...

Interaction with Facebook

9 years ago

Dear Users! We are happy to inform you that you can now use your Facebook account to log in to Software Informer web site. If you do so, your actions on our web site (e.g. commenting on a program or voting) will also be reflected as messages on your Facebook wall. These messages can...

Infringement of Software Informer copyrights

9 years ago

It is with sincere regret that we have recently discovered that Brothersoft, a once respectable company that has been long known for its web resources and software applications, including Orbit Downloader, has resorted to unfair forms of competition by cloning our Software Informer Client program...

Missing avatars

9 years ago

Dear Users! Due to a momentary server malfunction, some of you may find their avatars replaced with the default gray image. If you discover that your profile image is missing, please re-upload it in your profile's settings. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Drivers Informer

9 years ago

Dear Users! There's yet another new project for you to check out and take part in. It works in pair with siClient and it's called Drivers Informer ( - a site where descriptions of various drivers are to be hosted, along with your comments and questions...

Join in

9 years ago

Dear Users! Finally, Software Informer is joining most popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We will try to deliver you the best and most interesting information. Be with us, be updated!

Wiki is everywhere

9 years ago

Dear Users! Our library of software titles has finally got itself a full-fledged encyclopedia. You have probably noticed that each software entry has got a "Wiki" tab, in addition to all those awards, reviews, comments, and votes. In this tab, you can see wiki...