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7 months ago

Dear All!

It's a real pleasure for us to present you with the Restaurant Informer website! Restaurant Informer is of great help whenever you look for greatest places to dine at. At the moment, it’s possible to discover best restaurants in France but soon all other countries will be covered.

Open the website and it immediately reveals you best spots to eat at in France! It’s extremely easy to search for popular cities, particular restaurants and places of interest. Type the Eiffel Tower and, voila, you will see all the closest cafes.

Moreover, you can personalize your search and sort it by cuisine, restaurant type and average price! Very conveniently, isn’t it? If you want reliable opinions, there are ratings of the well-known agencies like Michelin, Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Foursquare, Frommer's and Yelp. The Overall Rating is the one aggregated by Restaurant Informer!

Found a restaurant of your dream? Check out its full info: its address, website, menu, working hours, photos, reviews, and much more.

Discover best restaurants and have a tasty meal with Restaurant Informer! Also, enjoy our Restaurant Guide app for iOS and Android on the go! Don’t forget to share your ideas and give us your feedback!

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