Software Informer 1.3 Has Been Released!

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3 years ago

Dear Users! After some extensive testing and tweaking, we are now ready to announce the public release of Software Informer 1.3. The new version has a much more streamlined interface, with cleaner looks and prominent interface elements. It is by no means simplified: all the features from the older versions are still there, but now there's a lot more glanceable info. Without opening your browser, you can now access software reviews, leave comments and questions, search for applications, view the recent activity of those you follow, and much more. We'd like to thank all of you who took part in testing the test builds and filed all those feature suggestions and bug reports. We know you're as excited as we are to see the new Software Informer on its legs, and we hope that you'll enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it. If you want to download Software Informer 1.3, click here.


Software Informer 1.3

App Page

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Nartey Stephen 2 years ago 
How to put the Software Informer interface on the desktop?
- Reply
Yulian Rohmy 2 years ago 
Dear Nartey Stephen!
Please visit Program Files -> siinst.exe and right click this icon to create a shortcup on your desktop.
Guest 2 years ago 
- Reply
priscilla derry 3 years ago 
Yes, we need it.
- Reply
aziz goussoum 3 years ago 
Thank you very much!
- Reply
Guest 3 years ago 
We need portable versions too.
- Reply
Guest 3 years ago 
Can I test it on Android phones?
- Reply
Guest 3 years ago 
Let me try it, as well. I think it's perfectly nice.
- Reply
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